MOPIC hosts National Advisory Counsel Meeting

The Interim National Development Plan (INDP) 2016 – 2019 which is being prepared in broad consultation with stakeholders and development partners will describe Somalia’s macroeconomic, structural and social policies that will support poverty reduction and economic growth.

The plan will be implemented from 1 October 2016 to 30 September 2019 and after successful completion of  the New Deal Compact and Economic Recovery Plan.

The role of the National Advisory Council (NAC) is to provide strategic direction, guidance and leadership to the drafting of the INDP, providing a critical platform to advocate for the INDP at the international partners level.

The NAC role is to ensure country wide legitimacy and advocacy to the INDP at the National level and in the perspective states of the council’s members, guiding the setting of priority objectives of the INDP, reviewing the draft INDP priorities and monitoring its progress.

As well as being a forum  to provide recommendations on the INDP to the Minister of Planning and International Cooperation (MOPIC) Minister prior to its formal submission for adoption by the council of ministers.


The zero draft of the management guidelines for the national development plan will be discussed; presentation was made by MoPIC (FGS) on the progress done so far as well as the role that the regional planning ministries will undertake in the development of the INDP.

In particular the role that the regional states will take in ensuring full participation of state representatives in the consultation process to ensure the legitimacy of the INDP in the eyes of the Somali people as well as ensuring that the INDP will reach the stringent requirements of World Bank iPRSP compliance.

The state representatives will also be informed on the sectoral planning they will be required to do, in conjunction with the training MoPIC (FGS) will provide.

Outcomes of the Meeting:

  • Adoption of management guidelines by conference participants.
  • Development of training and consultation schedule with regional state representatives.
  • Clarified task division between federal and state level planning ministries.
  • Appointment of state focal points for INDP.

PSG 4 & 5 National Development Plan presentation

psg-4-5-national-development-plan-presentation-1_resize psg-4-5-national-development-plan-presentation-3_resize psg-4-5-national-development-plan-presentation-1-2_resizeMr. Dalmar Hassan [Program Management Advisor, MoPIC] & Dr. Hashim Ali [Lead Economist] made presentations at both Peace and State Building Goals 4 & 5 on the National Development Planning process, and the roles the different sectors and regional representatives will play in the development of the first post-civil war National Development Plan.

Several discussions were held on the importance of in cooperating the working elements of the new deal architecture as well as the principals of the Somali compact in to the overall structure of the National Development plan, strong support and good will for the NDP was expressed by the Somali participants.