NDP State Consultations Second Leg held in Kismaayo – Jubbaland

The Federal Government of Somalia has committed itself to develop a new comprehensive medium-term National Development Plan in which all citizens of this country will participate. The plan will be compliant Interim Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (iPRSP) and aligned with the newly adopted Global Sustainable Goals (SDG).

The National Development Plan (NDP) which is set to replace the new deal at the end of the Somali compact in 2016, will be a document that shall be written after widespread consultations across Somalia is slated to be the overarching document that shall set Somalia’s national sectorial priorities and macro-economic framework over the next three years.

A delegation led by H.E Abdullahi Shiekh the Deputy Minister of Planning and International Cooperation with State Ministers from ISWA, Galmudug and Puntland traveled on the 05th of February for four day mission to the administrative center of Jubbaland State of Somalia Kismaayo.

The main purpose of this first phase, second leg visit was to consult with Jubbaland people regarding their development based on a strategy of sectorial development and focusing on development pivots and comparative advantage in the regional economy.

The Minister of Planning of Jubbaland State of Somalia has commended Federal Government of Somalia for their commitment to conduct grass-root consultations with the people. As Deputy Minister of Planning and International Cooperation of the FGS stressed that the data collected from here will not be politicized.