A social sector consultation workshop was successfully organized between 10 – 12 July at AMISOM VIP Meeting Hall. The workshop was attended by senior government officials at federal and state levels respresenting the key social sectors as well as civil society, non-governmental organizations, united nations agencies and donors.

The overall objective of the consultation workshop was to finalize and validate the draft Social Chapter of the NDP with social sectors’ stakeholders at national and sub-national levels.

The specific objectives of the consultation workshop were:

  1. To review and agree draft social sector plan and results framework of key social sectors (health, nutrition, water, hygiene and sanitation, education, youth and sports);
  2. To estimate the budget (resource envelope) requiered to fund the social sectoral plans; and
  • To identify available funding and ongoing interventions with development and implementing partners and ensure their alignment with the corresponding social sectoral plans of the NDP;

During the three days, the forum has thoroughly reviewed and updated the draft plans and result-framework of the social sectors’ of the NDP (health, nutrition, education, labour and employment, water, hygiene and sanitation, youth and sports); discussed and agreed the resources required to fund the social sector plans of the NDP; and discussed the possibilities to share information on available funding and ongoing interventions by development and implementing partners.

The consultation workshop was organized and spearheaded by MOPIC with UNDP Somalia support and UNICEF.